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Our Mission:
  • To improve and promote the safety, health and environment of Lake Wilderness and its watershed
  • To increase the community’s awareness of the ecology of Lake Wilderness and its watershed
  • Be a reliable source of factual information for the community and government agencies

Welcome To The Lake Wilderness Preservation Association

LWPA Duties:

  • Act to help preserve native wildlife in and around Lake Wilderness
  • Conduct regularly scheduled consistent measurements of lake conditions
  • Report lake conditions to various government agencies, request appropriate actions, and follow-up on the agencies response
  • On lake issues only, provide the Lake Wilderness Community with a stronger voice at the city, county, and state levels of government
  • Inform the Lake Wilderness Community of government issues/projects that may have an impact on the lake
  • Provide education for lake users and the community
  • Perform annual clean-ups in and around the lake
  • Assist and support governmental agencies by supplying facts, making requests, and supplying volunteer support for projects at Lake Wilderness
  • Assist with mapping treatment locations and problem areas by surveying the lake
  • Encourage and assist in scientific studies of the lake